How to rebrand existing business ideas into a new fresh idea

Branding is the processing of packaging, organizing and beautifying an idea to stand out from other similar ideas

According to Wikipedia

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition. Name brands are sometimes distinguished from generic or store brands

When you want to rebrand something it means you want to repackage and change the way people use to relate or view the existing product or firm,

Around 2015 when APC government came into existence they rolled out a re-branding approach for Nigeria in order to change the narratives and perception other countries have about Nigeria,

So when you think of changing the way something is done in order to create other values or improve its acceptance, its called re-branding

In our post, I will focus on how you can change or re-invent new ideas from existing one depending on your niche

How to rebrand existing  business ideas into a new fresh idea

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay

Let’s start from locally available ideas and products, I was in the market trying to get some foodstuff and during the time I reached out to buy cry fish, ordinarily, I was expecting to see the locally  waterproof- wrapped crayfish, but to my amazement, my dealer brought out a neatly labeled packs of cry fish now in a different paper cover, though at first,

I was hesitant after discovering that it has already been grinded and packaged with a company name on it, I decided to try it out

It was good, now each time I go to buy l cry fish except when am buying in large amount, I would prefer to buy these paper bags crayfish because it saves me the time of grinding, it’s also neat and inspires trust than other water-proofed bagged crayfish

This is a typical example of product  re-branding

There is another re-branding approach you can use to create more business opportunities

OK here is this one, prior to now people who sales cocoa either sell to big companies for further processing into chocolate, beverages or prepares it for export

But recently I got to find out that raw cocoa has great health benefits than even the process beverages, right now some SME harvest the seer, dry it, grind and packaged it directly without processing,

It’s a good source of antioxidants, I virtually do not take process cocoas these says but the powder raw cocoas which I can purchase from big stores outlets

So, in contrast, the cocoa powder has been re-branded even in its raw form

All it takes to start re-branding an existing business idea is interest.

Take an example of our locally prepared mama put its the same food may be a bit upgraded I eat at Baobak in Abuja as an Africa continental dish with a plat of food going as high as N3000 while in ordinary buka you can get the exact same taste and quantity with N1000

What does it take to rebrand existing ideas into a better brand?

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Good Skills in that Area of interest

Of course, it requires smiles, your ability to understudy the existing product or services understanding what is lacking and how you can improve in it,

Funds:  definitely branding needs additional funds to bring about a perfect polished new product ,

I have two barbershops where I go  for haircut, even though I  can rate both to be in same class as when it comes to their skills, however, I prefer going to one particular shop  because the environment is neat, there is an air conditioner inside with a small flat-screen TV which keeps me a little entertained until it’s my turn to have NY hair cut

Also, the barber is always kitted in his regalia outfit which makes it professional, unlike the other barber, though good in his skills, you need to keeper yourself for squeezing through children playing around, most times hairs are all over there and yes his work tools can be quite an embarrassment, am also worried about my safety because there are not enough disinfectant or multiple clippers to substitute when one breaks down

So the difference between the former and the latter barbershop is how the former was able to out in some extra funds to create an enabling environment for her customers

Extra Skills and creativity

Outside the main skill in that area, you need a turnkey approach to effectively transform the product into a new set if product without spending so much and wasting your resources,

This is where creativity comes in, your intuitive nature, which your intuition and foresight you can even recycle trash, leftovers into a new set of product sellable in your areas

Genuine Passion & Interest

The final piece of the puzzle is your interest, despite how lucrative or cash earning a particular venture is, if you are not interested in it, forget it, sooner or later you will wane out and close down

So before choosing something to ensure you love that particular business sector despite the challenges or stress it has to offer passion or interest can so mount all of it.

Some business ideas you can rebrand into a new set of product

Agricultural  business Ideas you can Rebrand

Image by Michi-Nordlicht from Pixabay

Poultry products: 

You can Start supplying eggs in new paper bags, crates all encrusted with your company logo

Process a chicken package it as well as organically produced frozen foods, people love organic lol

Fruits and Plant Products:

Such as, Cassava flour, process Cocoa Powder, Rice paddy processed into a finished product, fruit juice extraction and packaging which can be sold into smoothies, Juices and sold in spars, Gym spots, supermarkets and eateries

In conclusion, There are a lot of existing ideas where you could get inspirations and repackage it into a new fresh brand, it’s all about sharpening your mind and seeing opportunities in any given challenge, so you were looking for to rebrand existing business ideas into a new fresh idea, its no rocket science, here you have it.

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