Why you need a side hustle business & How to Start

I am sure you be wondering why you need a side hustle business when you are already earning a good living from your pay job right?

Also, why would anyone even suggest such an idea when you hardly had enough time in this present moment

I really do understand that feeling, and its human to feel like you are fulfilled especially seeing how lucky you are to afford certain luxuries and privileges others in your age, or neighborhood can not boost.

But be as it may be, if you are well paid or currently an employee in federal, state, private or multinational company, having a side hustle is a goal you should aspire to accomplish

Having said that, it’s important to know that however or no matter how much you are paid one day you will retire or laid off, despite this is a certain reality everyone knows of,

Most times we assume, the payoff or monthly wages we are given is all we need in our lifetime.

If that is everything you need in life, or how far you wish to grow then I suggest you stop reading this piece of information in order not to distort your perception about life, achievements, and ambitions

This post is for you if you are trying or thinking about creating a sustainable opportunity for earning opportunities, more freedom and perhaps breaking free to become an employer of labor

What is a side hustle business?

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A side hustle is any venture or activity which you could engage in while still actively working in your present job

It simply means any business or job, services you can offer to earn more money to complement your present occupation and without affecting it

Just as the name implies its something you do most times as a hobby, past-time or spare time activities maybe when you are free from the main hustle (your present venture )

What qualifies as a side  hustle

Any business idea which will not affect your present employment or job statues can be a side hustle, everything you do to earn extra money while you still work is a side hustle

Why do you need a side hustle as an employee?

One great thing about a side hustle is the fact it’s so flexible and categorizes, no matter the position you ate in life, there must be a side hustle in your own class,

Let’s assume you are a politician or working In a big oil company, the kind of investment you do while stile in your present position is a side hustle

One great thing about a side hustles us that it can outlive your present employment, position or job

Let’s say you bought land, as you earn you build hustles let it out, invest in stock markets, create a value chain service while you still retain your main job, sooner or later you will resign retire or be laid off in from your main job but then the joy of having another business to either keep you business from falling sick or continue making big money and empowering younger generation can not be measured

One good thing about a side hustle is that it helps you to find fulfillment, hopes, and joy, it also inspires you to believe in your abilities if in the event you lose your job or main source of income, your side hustle can caution the effect of being cashless, broke or depress

People who have successful side hustle lives above their mate at work.

I have been asked funny questions at work, especially my Boss how I am able to afford certain luxuries and gadgets which undoubtfully is beyond my pay grade,

When I am in a good mood I can tell you but if I don’t care I will say ” na God”

However, I know various things I have been doing to supplement and increase my sources of income

If you are a Nigeria, in this present administration and economic condition where nothing is certain, jobs are lost in a drop of heart

Naira depreciates and cost of living is climbing the rooftop, except if you belong to the cabals or you have an oil well or a real money minting machine then you must ensure you have a fall back plan to sustain you, uplift you and increase your chances of making double or triple of what you earn this is where side hustle comes in.

How to create or identify a successful side hustle business

Like I outrightly said earlier, A side hustle does not have a particular definition or sector limit, it is all about your interest, free time and financial requirements for such business

If you are a Government salary earner who comes from the rural areas where oil palm or yam is very cheap, maybe after inquiries among your colleagues at work, with their willingness to pay, you can decide to be supplying those goods to them in bulk may be weekly or monthly as the demand may be,

You can even go further to rent a store in the city area, get your brother sisters or sales to be selling the products while you place an order directly from the village each time there is low stock.

In order to categorize any business as a side hustle, it must be a part-time business, gives you little or no stress, have good income opportunities and must be flexible for growth expansion.

Some extra curriculum activities could become a side hustle e.g. if you love to dance, bake cakes, cook, write, blog or very dramatic, you can carve out a niche for your hubby By running a weekend training classes for your colleagues, neighbors or friends at a fee.

Best side hustle business ideas you should try

Blogging:  If you have a passion to write or discuss ideas especially if you are articulate, good with letters and love to pour out your mind, blogging is a good place to get started,

Blogging has enormous earning potential if it effectively manages because there are vast areas of life you can become an authority in.

Depending on your interest or area of experience, you can target specific topics in your blog, this will bring you closer to your audience, creating channels of transactions,

There are many ways you can make money through your blogs, such as affiliated reviews, digital marketing, Google AdSense, Direct Promotion of brands, product creation, and mentorship

I have made a post which covers all these streams of income


This is different from blogging because it had to do with videos, but its video blogging, like her sister venture, vlogging is very can be very lucrative in you have one certain skill or talents to keep your audience salivating

It is multi-niche stuff, there are numerous ways you can become creative on vlogging such as scripting a shot drama, comedy or running a tutorial, you can teach people how to fix certain things DIY, how to cook, dance and review products such as Mobile phone unboxing, etc.

If you are talented in video editing, you can create animation stories

The earning potential of vlogging can be mind-boggling platforms like YouTube, Instagram gives you the needed environment to start making money from sponsored ads and brand recognition

This side hustle does Not require much investment and can be done when you are free or weekends ( for starters )

Importation and digital marketing of your goods.

This niche requires you to have a little more time, its best fit for shift works or Government staff whose work time can be from 8 am-4 pm Monday to Friday,

If your work schedules fit into this even in the private sector, then you can try this,

Before you can dabble into this area, there are certain trainings or ebooks you should read to give you the needed information on how to import hot selling products in Nigeria with ease of selling it out, some places where you can start selling these products include, Jumia Deals, Jiji, Nairastreet, Nairaland, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms

Offline side hustle business ideas

Egg distribution business: if you are living around farms, you can run a market survey on the demands , maybe during weekends supply to the sellers inside the cities

Oil, Garri, food items, and Agric products are in high demands inside the city, you can find an easily accessible item buy in bulk and resell to a wholesaler or retail shops

You may also produce peanut snacks, meat pies, chin-chin, plantain chips, etc supply to big supermarkets on a weekend basis

For high-income earners

You can start a startup business such as a fintech company, an online eCommerce, a classifieds, or an app idea such as home-sharing, taxi-hailing or food delivery app

You may also invest in buying and reselling of lands, houses, Rental services such as events wears, canopies, music equipment, etc

When more funds are there you can start a school, university, a small cassava processing plant, oil refinery, poultry farm, security outfits hotels and spa

All these can be a major occupation for some but also a side hustle for others, it all depends on your interest, earning opportunities and desire to step out of your comfort zone.

But in the end, having a side hustle is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience if you can utilize your present little time to expire other areas of life.

I hope this helps to spur your interest in creating more wealth through side hustle business.

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