Top Classifieds Sites in Nigeria 2020

A classifieds site is a web site where people or business post adverts for free, Its meant to be a market place connecting buyers and sellers together, while the operators of such platforms control and try to eliminate spams or fraud ads,

All over the world classifieds sites have played an integral role in b2b services, some popular sites such as Ali baba, Craigslist, are still functioning effectively

Coming down to Nigeria, With recent Hugh internet penetration owning to huge smartphone penetration, more than 91 million Nigerians can access the Internet,  This provides more fortune for business using the Internet to reach out,

Classifieds sites in Nigeria are a bit shaky and we have witnessed the rise and fall  of most of them such as OLX, DEALFISH, EFFERITIN, ETC, In this post, I will list out 5 classifieds sites where you can post your ads and be sure of exposure,  however, as many start-up and Fintech are rising  so are classifieds sites,

5 Top Classifieds Sites in Nigeria 2020

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This should be your number one spot where you should post your business and services ads for free, Jiji was founded in 2014,  Jiji is Headquartered in  Lagos, Nigeria by Anton Wolyansky is the company’s CEO.

In autumn 2015 Jiji started a project known as the Jiji blog, providing visitors with information on the business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, life stories, news.

 Jiji started in 2015 when Olx was the giant if Nigeria classifieds system, whatever happened to Olx leading to its shutdown in 2019 is left to her founders to disclose as if 2020 Jiji is the giant of Nigeria classifieds sites with more than 1 million ads and millions of traffic owing to how Jiji run massive ads in other social media platform,

You should consider Jiji your number spot when you wish to your items

Jumia Deals

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In June 2013, Jumia launched Jumia Travel, a hotel booking platform, and Jumia Food, a food delivery platform. Jumia Deals was launched in April 2015. In 2017, Jumia launched Jumia One, an app that enables customers to pay bills such as airtime.

Well, am pretty sure you know Jumia, as the most successful eBay or amazon of Africa, they have a classified site too, in fact, Jumia has many other smaller sites for different services but Jumia Deals is dedicated for classifieds

You can register and start posting your ads for free

The classified site rides on the popularity of her parent company to galvanize traffic,

Though I have not used it before however from a visitor perusal I see heavy activities going on in it

Image Credits to Playstore

Just as the name sounds similar, oh yes, Olist is a subsidiary of Opay and opera mini-company, with the wave of Olist, Opay, Oride, O-everything this new classified is sure to give Jiji a run for their money,

OPay started Operation since 2010 under the ownership of PayCom Nigeria Limited—a mobile money platform Initiated by Telnet (Nigeria) Limited. After operating for close to seven years, Opera, Norwegian browser company indicated an interest in acquiring PayCom in 2017.

Putting all the legal acquisition together in 2018,  OPay was birthed in August of the same year. Right now OPay, is an Africa-focused mobile payments Startup founded by Norwegian browser company Opera, which has raised $50 million in funding for Opay project.

In October 2019 was founded as an online Classifieds system where anyone can buy or sell.

You should try them especially now that it has an advantage over Jiji because its new there less likely good of spammers and unlike Jiji where 80 percent ads are promoted here, competition for exposure won’t be fierce 

Locanto was founded by Yalwa an Internet Company based in Wiesbaden Germany, The Founder Klaus Gapp incubated the project in 2006 and since then Locantor has spread across more than 65 countries

The name sounds like a cardinal point GPS however this classified site have been around for a while despite I really don’t see it very flexible and easy to use when compare to Jiji, Olist or Jumia deals, yet a lot of Nigerians are already using it, so I mustn’t love it before I list it out as among the top classifieds in Nigeria  

Other Important Classifieds you should watch out in 2020

Seen earlier 2019 I am pretty sure they are doing an amazing job, you can try it out, they were founded in 2016 but came to limelight around 2019

Their location is at Plot 6, Hitech Crescent, Philemon Leha Street, Before Commissioner’s House, Karu Abuja, Nigeria. 

Another fairly good classified sites, I think I prefer their app to the web interface, also I think it is run by Indians lol based on the footer

Hilariously I nearly relate it to Dino Malaye our ex-senator, well I will give it 3.5 rating

Well their business model is cute like mobile free, I have not used them anyways

It’s another classifieds site however I think they need to do more as the site most times lacks images or broken images

Finally, this is my own dream project and am pretty much working on it, just like Jiji, Olx, and Olist,  Nairastreet was built for simplicity and effective ad exposure

You can leverage the opportunity of being our early birds as I will give out free advertising bonuses

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