Skills or formal Education which one is best for Nigeria Entrepreneurs?

I remember when I was still going through the university, all I wish was to obtain a good result boom graduate with at least second class upper in order to land a well-paid job, but as I was done with my NYSC, my sight was open into the big unemployment market of Nigeria system,

Also before I gained admission I worked in a computer training center, where I acquired ICT skills such as web designer, blogging and other vital digital skills, which aided my learning during the schools days, so with this on my mind I am comparing Skill acquisition and formal education, if you were to chose, which would you consider first?

What is skill acquisition?

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Acquisition can be defined as is the ability to learn, acquire or perfect on a skill. It is the development of new skills, the practice of ways of doing things usually gained through training or experience. In other words, skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become an expert in it. This also implies that whatever you are putting effort to learn either from peers or online can become a skill

What is Formal Education?

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First I should define what Education is? Its a process of acquiring knowledge through study and practice or imparting knowledge by the way of instructions or some other practical procedure.

It is also known as a gradual process that brings positive changes in human life and behavior. Education brings a natural and lasting change in individual life. It assists you in differentiating between what is right or wrong. Education is the passage to progress.

Formal education is the education process in which training and development are provided to people through knowledge, mind, skills, and character in a highly structured way that is part of a certified program. Formal education or formal learning is normally delivered by trained teachers in a systematic intentional way within a school, higher education or university.

Formal education leads to a formally recognized certificate. It also gives easy access to jobs once organized and well trained

Formal education helps you to read, write and communicate effectively, formal education enables you to be polished, articulate and reason smartly however being educated doesn’t actually mean you possessed a skill or skills! Yes you can have formal education without a skill set, it’s also possible to have great skills without formal education

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The Big Impact of Skill Acquisition

Skill acquisition is needed in the life of every serious-minded person, every entrepreneur most boost one skill or another which empowers him to pursue his visions, just like water is important to live.

Skill Acquisition empowers you to be your own Boss

A great skill can do wonders in your life, Just like I hinted you before, about the high unemployment rate and corruption in Nigeria, imagine if most of our graduates are equipped with one or two talents before School graduation?

This could have gone a long way in creating a Self-employed set of Graduates, that can create more job opportunities and lower the rate of crime due to joblessness

Good Skills Make your work better than others

OK let’s be objective about self-employment for once, a self-employed person hardly goes hungry because the skill acquired can help provide for his daily needs. In this era of the unemployment rate, someone with skills hardly has to search for jobs around as long as he has a skill.

If you are without a skill despite your formal education, you may find it difficult to cope with the stress of working under a boss. Unlike when you had a  good skill set, you can decide to work for yourself and be your own boss, plus you will also have time for yourself to do anything you wish to do.

You don’t have to worry about salary or wages, you have more than enough to be far better than someone collecting a salary. . .

Effective Function A person with skill finds it easier to do a job well especially if working in an organization. This is because the training you undergo is quite different from just studying it. Just as you know we can study theory but nothing gives a better understanding than having a practical. Skill acquisition attained by a person ensures effective function in the organization or company he works with

Good Skills Create More Job Opportunities

More Job Opportunities There are so many skills to be learned. This helps in providing diverse job opportunities for a person.

One person can learn as many skills as possible, making it easier for a lot of job opportunities. Such a person are usually the attention of many companies and organization because of a series of skills possessed. This reduces the rate of unemployment in the society. . .

Skill acquisition encourages Low Crime Rate in the society 

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Most crimes committed these days are mostly because of unemployment. With Skill acquisition, the crime rate is reduced. When a person has a good source of income, his mind will be mainly focused on how to make progress and develop. Most Nations organize skill acquisition program mes to reduce the crime rate. Rather than engaging in crime, citizens will work better for the peace and development of the Nation. . . .

Skill acquisition and Formal Education can be combined in a favorable way. Someone with a good certificate and skills will be easily organized and developed due to the level of understanding.

It’s usually hard for people without formal education but has skills to work with bigger organizations or even be outspoken. So is an educated man without Skills, Skillful people speak with confidence while non-skillful speak with fear. Combining skill acquisition and formal education attained makes you have an effective function and less worry about unemployment.

In Conclusion

Both Skill Acquisition and Formal Education are like bread and butter, that is to say, both complement each other, that’s the beauty of skill acquisition and formal education.

Everyone needs Skills as much as they need Education this means you need to acquire knowledge and skills to survive in today’s world. Advising a friend or family to acquire skills along with knowledge will do good in making the world progress.

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