How to Start a Mobile Food Vending in Abuja Nigeria

do you now you can run a successful Mobile Food Vending in Abuja ? Food is an essential part of our life, without it, life will not exist, that’s what makes every living creature alive, the moment you stop eating, you have started dying,

With the recent ban on food importation in the country by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the food business is going to be one of the major drivers of economy; this should be a major driving force to spur you into the food business

I know there are major food brands in Nigeria, but if you have a smart intuition you can beat all these firms and give them a run for their money when you integrate information technology

A food business is a very lucrative industry which is not new but requires much skills and concept for a new entrant into the market to break even especially in the big cities like Abuja, Lagos or bubbling areas.

Due to the already established brands like Mr. Biggs, CFC, Bubbles, Crunches, Tantalizers ETC, Some micro small scale food vendors seem to regard the food business to be competitive.

That may be true for Restaurants and any other immobile business but when it comes to mobile food vending, this is a different ball game,

In mobile food vending, your skills, packaging, and the concept is what will set you apart from other sellers,

How to Start a Mobile Food Vending in Abuja

Mobile Food Vending in Abuja

Abuja is the capital of City of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) it’s mostly populated by politicians, Federal Civil servants, and Banks, That is to say, it’s a business ground for entrepreneurs who have four sights.

Most people in the big cities like Abuja during work hours mostly get their breakfast and launch from a restaurant or mobile food carts

Since my stay in Abuja around Garki, Central Business area, Apo and Jabi, I am yet to see a Mobile Food cart

Yesterday I was getting very frustrated due to hunger, and for the fact, I have to wait for the Woman selling food around to come by 10 am led me to start thinking about how she could be put out of business if there is a young entrepreneur venturing into a mobile food vending business.

Things you should consider before venturing into Mobile Food Vending in Abuja

Maybe I am right or wrong on this but the first research you must embark on is to find out if food selling is allowed in that area, Wait! When I refer to food selling I mean mobile hawking, it’s very important you find out from FCDA (Federal Capital Development Authority or the Local Area Council 0 in order to avoid being harass by Area Boys or Agboros lurking around to collect a ticket

Location isn’t Necessary but it’s important too.

 While I admit that the gift of a man makes way for him but such a man must be positioned in order to be seen, so when running a mobile food business, you should ensure your location is situated in a strategic areas especially where offices or business are run, this is because the buck of people coming to your canteen will always be the working class and busy folks,

I cant suggest locating your business in a residential area because most times food is at home

Top Strategic Locations you can start your Mobile Food Vending in Abuja

Central Area: This includes all the Garki Axis, Area 1- Area 11: there are huge small to large scale offices, multinationals, ministries, and Government offices scattered around these areas,

All you need to do is to survey, intermingle and relate with locales around there to find a way towards getting a location which will be affordable, once approved then you can set up your mobile food shop

Apo, Dutse, Nyanya, Gwagwalada near Abuja university, ETC


Abuja As a whole is a big developing city, unlike Lagos, Abuja is following her master plan and there is a lot of business opportunities which a Startup entrepreneur can jump at, however, food is a crucial commodity everyone must indulge in daily,

With high spikes of building and constructions going in various sites in Abuja metropolis, Starting a food vending business in Abuja is a sure way to raise money and earn a sustainable income

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