How to sell your goods in Nigeria faster

With advent of technology and internet connection, gone are the days when you will have to run a brick and mortar system of business, now with the use of social media, classifieds marketplace sites or e-commerce platform you can run a big successful business and rake in huge profit without spending so much when compared to the traditional physical office

In this post, I will show you how you can sell your goods, services or anything legally in Nigeria online without wasting efforts to own a physical shop

What do you want to sell?

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The first step towards identifying the best media to use in selling your items or skills is to understand what exactly you as the service provider or selling is offering

This will help you understand the niche or the best place to showcase your items,

Are you selling digital goods such as download-able, software, e-books or other soft copy materials?

Are you offering ship-able goods like clothes, shoes, perfumes, watches, etc or are you offering skill training such as tutorials, education, training, music classes, etc

After you have identified what you wish to sell then our journey towards selling it faster gets better

 How do you want to sell them?

This is the most tasking and important phase in selling your goods, you remember I outlined the two methods of making sales, the brick and mortar office presence which requires you to run a physical office presence, with the goods or service providers present prior the online system which may not depends on physical office address especially if you are selling services or digital goods

Why an offline system of marketing and selling your goods  is not ideal for small business owners

The first thing you will realize about owning your own shop is paying bills,

The physical office is like a living system which you must feed her needs to sustain it, those needs range from  Payment of shop rents, buying office tools such as stationery, chairs, tables, painting, to buying of the goods or products your selling in large quantities, unlike a start-up entrepreneur whom may just have a few products yet sells much faster than you.

There other cost associated in running the physical office these are taxes from the government, especially in big cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kano, Umuahia, Uyo, etc

By the time the state government comes with her own task force, other agencies, FIRS, then payment of staff salaries or sales personnel you with have little or none to go home as revenue

Don’t get it wrong having a physical office presence is a big boost especially when you are online, however, it’s not advisable for new startup’s with lean investment or funds

The online office system of selling your Goods or services in Nigeria

This is where my emphasis resides, Nigeria is a growing developing nation with lots of earning potential and a teaming population to carter for, her large number has been both blessing and curses at the same time,

A blessing because there is a lot of business potential for anyone willing to look beyond the with collar job or  curse because with her population challenges like access to basic amenities, securities of life, properties, different ideologies, corruption’s and religious divergent views abound

However, in this post we are focusing on the potentials you can become into as a business owner using the information technology at your disposal to sell or market your products and services

How to sell your goods and services online in Nigeria faster.

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Create your social media handles,

This is your first point of action towards establishing your web presence,

What are these social media handles? Creation of Facebook page, twitter account, and Instagram handle,

Take your time to furnish your page with all the details you are into, including your contact phone numbers, email, etc,

Ensure you take clean neat pictures of your items or even shot video clips, especially if you are providing services or into fashion styles

Where to start marketing your goods and services

Facebook groups and retweeting has proven to be effective earlier than now however these days mist groups are saturated with spammy ads and scam deals so the confidence level is eroding fast, however, you should kick off from there, post your goods products describe and ensure your phone contacts are there, possibly a link to your pages

Run Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads

Oh yes, if you are trying bro break free from just posting in different groups which might have 40 percent chances of being noticed, then running ads will expose your products to a large viewership with possible contacts from your target audience

The good thing about these ads system is it’s cost-effective, you can run ads on Facebook using 1000 Naira and this can reach up to 5 million people,

Another great thing is that by using ads you can determine the kind of people, the demographic profile you wish to reach, like if what you are selling is for men only, or young people, or just for a particular State, you can set it there.

Create classifieds accounts

Another great place to sell your goods, items both new or old, services, is on classifieds sites,

These are platforms solely for buying and selling, due to the reputation around it its a business to the business arena and 60 percent of Nigerians use classifieds knowingly or unknowingly

Such classifieds such as jiji, nairatreet, olist, locanto, jumia deals are among the best places you can post your ads for free and get the needed exposures

Finally, create your own website

This is another great web platform that will have a long-lasting effect on your business,

You can run ads on Facebook, post ads on classifieds sites, however, these measures are temporary lifting for your business, a website established your web office for life, even when the ads expire in other platforms your website will continue to function

The benefits are far too numerous to list out,

Another benefit if having your own website is because it’s very cheap to own one these days,

You can lust out all your product, updates and latest in demands on your website

Importantly you can sell your goods, services directly from your website using simple e-commerce plugins such as WordPress woo commerce

It’s so easy these days with a budget of 25000. Naira you can have an e-commerce website.

Also, you can run ads, connect your websites to those ads thereby exposed your online brands to visitors

Search engines will also visit your websites to carry information about your services thereby exposing you to more bigger reach than a traditional office system

In Conclusion

I am pretty sure by now you can kick start your business ideas by leveraging on these online platforms in selling your services. even if it’s a locally produced items such as poultry meat, Garri, Agric goods you can sell it online, deliver it using our transportation system, ABC, Peace mass, God is Good and night buses transportation depending in the size of the goods or location

I hope this helps let me know if you have any questions

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