Agricultural business ventures you can start in 2020

Have you been wondering which Agric business venture with high revenue you should invest in 2020? Or maybe any lucrative business idea you can start in 2020

In this post, I will elaborate mostly on agricultural business ideas especially the most lucrative ones in a year,

It’s important before you go into any business to understand the model, the opportunities, challenges and possible ROI return on investment the business offers

I know you might see agriculture especially if you are an urban dweller as a peasant or poor man means of likelihoods or a stressful maybe income source which for now won’t be an ideal thing to do, except you are out of job or in the village right?

You may have heard that it’s lucrative and creates jobs too, I fact you might have advocated for it inside your elevated white-collar job office however if push comes to shove neither of you or a lot of your folks are ready to indulge in it.

What if I tell you, you have been missing a lot and despite how busy or good you think your pay job is, engaging in agriculture as a side hustle will boost your earnings if not double it? What if I tell you, you could start a lucrative agriculture business in 2020 without being fully involved yet earn a big substantial amount?

In this post I will touch lightly on various agricultural Venture you can start right away either by yourself or through third party investment program and be sure to earn the expected revenue

Agricultural business ventures you can start in 2020

Rice farming

Rice Farming Credits to Pixabay

Oh really, what were you thinking? Or you do know it will be my number on the list right? Especially considering how rise was a scarce commodity during the festive period, a bag of rice sold between 8-12 thousand then is now 18-24 thousand Naira depending on how it was a process

Rice farming isn’t as hard as you think, although you need to ensure your farm has access to swampy water or channel if irrigation, however, the reward is very promising

In order to add more value to your product, its very ad visible to process your rice paddy yourself this is called re-branding, as it avails you the liberty to bag, package, brand and sells directly to the retailers or consumers

In doing so you can adjust the price totally with market prices unlike when you sell directly from the farm, the processors can under-price you living you with little or no gains

Poultry farming & productions

Poultry consist of two types egg production and meat production

In an egg production system you only raise the birds to produce eggs and the system us different from meat production however if you wish to sell chicken meats to frozen stores or supermarkets you should consider meat production and broilers are the best utilize breeds

Due to recent closure of Nigeria borders Agric products such as rice and poultry prices have been increased because the ban on these goods have directed the pressure to local producers and this have also increased the demand on our local farmers putting g strain in the supply chain, therefore there is a higher demand and low supply curve

The resultant effect is seen in the increase of these products now it’s all about the purchasing power and inflation of prices

The good side is that farmers are smiling to the bank with double Return on investment (ROI)

Shouldn’t you love to tap into this system?

Palm oil production/distribution

Image by tk tan from Pixabay

This is another area you can invest in, if you are willing to send money to errands you can contract a suppler in southeast or south especially if you are living in the northern side of Nigeria e.g. Abuja Kano etc, through some major transportation system ABC transport, GUO, Good is Good, peace mass, your goods will be delivered and you can store them waiting for the best time when prices will skyrocket, you will contact your local market sellers, distribute and make your cool cash

Fish farming,

Image by Sirawich Rungsimanop from Pixabay

Especially if you are living in high populated areas or major city, my dear this us a cash cow for you, most celebrities you see are engaging in this,

You don’t need a big stream or pond to start a fish farm you can even start a mobile fish farm using some constructed tarpaulin and as far as you can run water down to this spot and adhere strictly to the guideline, in less than 7 months you can start selling g your fishes and make more cash with little effort

Mobile Agricultural investment platforms you can invest in 2020

This post was divided into two, the first had to do with active participatory agriculture investment but in this second phase, you can just invest in it and get your cash with the revenue at a stipulated time frame between 4-8 months depending on the type of project you desire to

This is a reliable and legitimate system backed by both state and federal government with the assistance of majors commercial banks

I can refer it as e-agriculture or e-farming, from extensive survey and findings I carried out in each of these platforms, the operators are seasoned entrepreneurs who had re-branded the system of farming because it is not everyone that would love to go raw into farming, how about we present to you farmers with existence and expertise ready to start farming all we need is for a pool of fund to be made available and farms will be established in large scales

This is where these platforms stem from, your money will be used to finance the farm and you will get your capital including the revenue at the end of the season,

If for example, you are financing a maize farm project, it is expected to last for 4 months and depending in their node of investment for each sect of unit investment you made you can get 15-25 percent in 4-5 months,  and a unit investment could be 50,000 Naira, therefore with 500,000 Naira you can invest in 10 units,

This is a very lucrative venture because even a fix deposit in the bank can’t guaranty you a 20-25 percent interest in a year however this is just a six months investment window

The only issue you will encounter is that these opportunities are not readily available all the time, you will always check them out for  farm openings

So here you have it Agric business venture with high earning you can invest in 2020

There are a hell lot of them out there however I choose to write on these because they have been proven to be effective, reliable and the capital requirements are not massive coupled with shorter time of maturation

If you have any questions, you can use the comment box to ask.

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