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Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2019

Here are the best Web hosting Companies in Nigeria 2019 updated list, so if you were wondering about the best, I personally rate theme according to site speed, customer care support and the price, another criterion is the uptime performance

Finally, Reliability is another thing you must look out for because if the web hosting provider is not reliable, your online SEO presence will be greatly Affected

Why You Should Use Nigeria Based Web hosting Companies

before now, as of 2000 till 2010, web hosting in Nigeria was a far cry from what is obtainable in other parts of the world, the major industry players relied heavily on reseller web hosting or Affiliate white label reselling,

I remember in 2006 when I started a small website, the Webhosting firm hardly meet up to our needs because they were resellers, it got to a point I had to abandon the host because everything was just crashing,

But Today with the help of Nigeria Government in introducing many ICT driven projects, Multinationals and p[rivate organizations exploring the webserver sphere, the hosting atmosphere has taken another dimension, nowadays Web4africa even offer in-house datacentre service in South Africa

Here are the reasons why you should choose a local base web hosting company for a little beginning

Affordability and Cost

It’s easy to host your website at an affordable price in Nigeria than paying abroad, the catch here is; you can get a free domain and a hosting space with less than N3000 in Nigeria when compared with getting a domain with hosting outside the country, That is like $8.5 for a whole year

Godaddy or Hostgator can give you free domain at 0.33 Dollars however you can never get a yearly hosting plan for $9

I understand your logic when you start comparing their prices! Ok let’s say you have a small blog or SME business that you wish to just start a business company for; despite your vision and passion to grow bigger in future, its advisable to start with a local web hosting company

Support is Easy

Yes I can beat my chest to say, it’s easier for you to get faster support and feel at home with Nigeria based web hosting than abroad/oversees based, since 2015, I have one of my clients site hosted with Arvixe, in 2016 their support services became terribly bad, even till date, most times you will leave a support ticket for an issues to be fixed but no one will attend to it,

Unlink Overseas-based hosting, where the reach is impossible, you can call the customer care line of any Nigerian based web hosting company at a lower rate unlike international calls, if that proves difficult, Its possible for you to pay a visit to their office and have all your sites issues fixed

The bottom line here is, It will be very easy to detect scam web hosting sites in Nigeria than abroad because through their address, last year I hosted this blog with a firm named hiformance, it was VPS package, within few weeks of my launching, the company vanished into thin air leading to loss of data, Money and hard work

Easy payment options and Security

another advantage you have over international-based Webhosting fir is that making payment via local bank transfers is far easier, secure and stable to making payment using dollar accounts because of most times the complications or restrictions and with the introduction of payment merchants such as Paystack , flutterwave , making a secure payment is as easy as sending an SMS

Some foreign-based web hosting companies will subject you to a lot of daunting step to verify your account, but it’s pretty easy for a local base web hosting company.

Here is the List of Best web hosting companies in Nigeria 2019

#1. Smartweb Nigeria Limited

From, my experience since 2014 till date, i can beat my chest to say, smart web Nigeria has lived up to average expectations,





These are some of the best web hosting Companies in Nigeria as of 2019 end of the year however there are big industry leaders such as GoDaddy, Bluehost and Hostgator they are highly recommended

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